About 4D

Floorplans will become obsolete and homebuyers
will be introduced to the 4th Dimension.

Every pre-construction home will be rendered into our immersive real time 3D platform. No longer will you make the single most important financial decision of your lifetime on a static floorplan.

Some people will say that’s how pre-build homes were bought and designed for centuries, and it worked well for them. At 4D, we say it’s time to bring technology and change to the real estate industry. Why rely on a one dimensional floorplan that leaves much to the imagination, when 4D’s platform allows you to unlock the doorway to your imagination, where the edges of the floorplan are nonexistent. You have worked hard for your money and when making the largest financial decision of your lifetime, you don’t want to leave to guesswork what your final developed home will look like. Moreover, the 4D platform will allow homebuyers to design the home of their dreams, thus, creating a sentimental bond between the homebuyer and the virtual home. We are all connected by technology and are visual by nature, why is not the preconstruction real estate industry?

Welcome to the 4D platform where homebuyers can walk through their exact rendered space, click and drag scalable furniture, purchase furniture, save their furniture onto the 4D Design Board, interact with all professionals in the real estate industry; from interior designers to real estate agents to mortgage brokers, all by just clicking on to 4D’s website. Welcome to the 4th Dimension, where floorplans are obsolete and homebuyers are immersed into a real-time 3D platform.

CEO and Co-Founder

Gregory Melchior

Mr. Melchior has over 30 years of experience in the global capital markets. He has worked for some of the largest banks in Canada (e.g., Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal) and has been a director, at the time, for the largest brokerage firm in the world, Merrill Lynch, where he was head and director of foreign exchange for the Canadian division. In 2013, Mr. Melchior was the founding member of CanUrsa Finance Inc., a boutique investment banking firm in the city of Toronto.
Mr. Melchior holds a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Business Administration from Dalhousie University. He also has completed his Canadian Securities Course and his Partners and Directors Exam.


Ashwadh Bollini

Visualization and Game technology expert with over 8 years of experience building games and software products.
Developed cutting edge visualization products for real estate and associated industries in three other startups.
Holds a Masters degree in Computer Games Technology.

Senior Web Developer

Sergei Vilbik

Developed web solutions for tourism, energy, academia, sports, retail, law and construction clients.
Mr. Vilbik holds a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Applied Science from the University of Toronto.

Frontend Developer

Ray Su

Experienced in developing and designing interfaces for web apps and mobile apps.
Holds an Interactive Media Design Diploma from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Unity 3D Developer

Daniel Oelbaum

With over 2 years of Game-Design experience for mobile and PC.
Attended Queen's University for Mathematics and is currently completing his diploma in Video Game Design and Development at Trios College.

3D Artist

Pedro Vianna

Skilled 3D artist, worked with VR experiencies for both video games and cinema.
Graduated with Bachelor degree in Publicity and Advertising and holds a Diploma in Game Art and Design.